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Occasionally a product comes along that is both economically beneficial and good for the planet. One such invention is the Mag-Wind Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (or VAWT).

This windmill is unique because it doesn’t need to be placed on a wide open field somewhere in Nebraska, with 30 ft. of space cleared out. This windmill can be placed on top of your average urban house’s roof. In fact, the shape of some roofs can increase the energy output of the turbine. What is most impressive about the odd Mag-Wind is that wind from any direction will generate electricity.

With a traditionally shaped windmill, wind from above, or beneath will generate little or no energy. Imagine if one of these turbines were placed on the roof of every house in America! Our national clean energy consumption would sky rocket, while our usage of less-desirable energies would decrease.

You might be asking, “We couldn’t possibly put it on our roof! What about all that noise and vibration”? The magnetic levitation that the device utilizes eliminates all vibration because the center hub floats on a magnet, as opposed to turning around in a fixed position.

For this same reason, noise is not a factor either, the turbine is virtually inaudible.

You could enjoy the benefits of clean and renewable energy without the problems of noise or vibration, or continual maintenance! Why is it important to replace our current energy sources with clean energy generators like the Mag-Wind? Our environment will only last as long as we take care of it, and this machine offers us the benefits of being good stewards of the environment, while sacrificing nothing.

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